Thursday, March 31, 2005


While Brandon might think Franz Ferdinand are real, Kaiser Chiefs chief Richard Wilson isn't impressed with them:

"It's pop. Franz Ferdinand are pop. Some people think they've got some hidden, cool art thing. They haven't. It's just pop music."

Richard, sweetheart: What's the problem with pop music? How can stand there in front of us and use a phrase like "just pop music"? Begone from our sight now; you clearly don't realise that pop music - done well - is amongst the highest calling.


Anonymous said...

In the article the quote was taken from (Sunday Times), he's "extolling the virtues" (or whatever the phrase is) of pop by saying that's what Kaiser Chiefs do... he followed it by saying "With us, all we do is: I Predict a Riot, Oh My God, pick a cool little line, repeat it four times, have a big build-up at the end, then repeat it again."

Anonymous said...

Similar theme explored here:

Simon said...

This whole piece is destroyed by the fact Kapranos thinks Franz are a pop band anyway:

Also: Richard? Surely everybody knows him as Ricky?

simon h b said...

There is no dignity in being called Ricky, unless you are aged about five or your parents dress you in stripey tshirts.

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