Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Ah, the power of the idle word said in an unguarded moment: now, all of a sudden, the nation is girding itself for the Stone Roses reunion after John Squire suggested in jest it might make a fitting replacement for Kylie on Sunday night. Apart from anything, Ian Brown is already booked to be headlining one of the further-flung stages at the same time. And... frankly, the Stone Roses live aren't really going to send people home from Glastonbury with a shiver running down their spine - there's a difference between being a witness to history and morbid curiosity.


Simon said...

Surely, given previous form, the last gig the Roses would want to reform for is the Sunday night headline slot at a festival?

simon h b said...

Well, at least they wouldn't need any rehearsal time... why break the habit of a lifetime?

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