Wednesday, August 10, 2005


In the latest attempt to try and cling with her claws to some semblance of a pop music campaign (as with Tom Cruise, a good cultist knows their duty is to be good at their job, to generate the publicity for their 'church') Madonna has got Andre 3000 involved with her new album. The only downside for Madonna about this is that she's not going to be able to pretend to be a lesbian with him in the video, unless she can persuade him to wear a skirt or something...

Madonna is still too busy, it seems, to come up with that reaction to the Kabbalah centre official saying that the Jews who were exterminated in the Holocaust brought it on themselves by not being Kabbalahed, but we're sure once she's finished with the new album she might apply herself to letting us know what she makes of that.

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Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Music's No.2 talent vampire strikes again. I fear that may be the end of Outkast, or at very least Andre. Witness the pile of bodies (from Jellybean thru Orbit to Mirwais and "Stuart from Reading") that lie dotted around her discography.

(Bjork is No.1, btw... Dom T, Goldie, Tricky, Howie B, Nellie Hooper, all sucked to a husk and discarded - I wonder how Matt Barney feels right now... he's certainly become less productive of late.)

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