Saturday, August 27, 2005


Not that they're gay or nothing, but McFly know how to get the boys all hot:

Danny said to MSN: "We had this male fan that we messed around with. We were having a laff saying go and hug each other like, 'Harry needs a hug, go and hug him.' To cut a long story short he had a big stonking boner. When we were leaving the airport we looked back and he still had a stonker. He had tracksuit bottoms on as well so it was well sticking out. It was so funny."

Is it just us or is that... focusing on it just a little too much?


Nik Westover said...

Who the fuck is McFly?

simon h b said...

The... um... band at Number One this week?

(Although I'm guessing you're not in the UK, in which case - good question; imagine if New Kids on the Block had seen School of Rock)

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