Thursday, August 04, 2005


The Sun ran a front page earlier this week suggesting that Britain, as a nation, had not so much gone to the dogs as slathered itself in gravy, shoved a handfull of Snausages into its ass, and rushed down to the greyhound track shouting 'Fetch! Fetch me!' Surprisingly, what rose the Sun's ire wasn't the way we let Murdoch operate his newspapers and TV stations in a desperate bid to force the government to bend to his will while refusing to actually pay the fair whack of tax on his businesses through a number of elegant, legal and stinking tax-avoidance schemes, but the way that the country is full of terrorists and criminals and illegal immigrants, and terrorfying criminalised illegal immigrants. Of course, Britain isn't like that, but the staff of the Sun only have their newspapers as a source of news, so you can understand how they might have got confused about things.

However, it turns out The Sun may have been right after all - but not for the reasons they claimed. On the latest listening figures, Chris Moyles is coming within a gasp of being more listened to than the Today programme. Moyle's strong performance has helped push Radio One back over the absolutely meaningless ("psychologically important") 10 million figure. Sara Cox is doing pretty well on Sunday afternoons; JK and Joel's stretch in the post-Wes Chart Show is seeing the audience decline continue - down to 1.81 million now.

Radio 2's audience slipped slightly, but it's still the nation's number one choice, with Terry Wogan still commanding a lead in the breakfast battle.

Meanwhile, the last set of audience figures for Jono Coleman's Heart breakfast in London had handed his replacement Jamie Theakston a difficult job - Coleman had boosted the audience for the programme by 224,000; even with the aid of an enormous TV advertising campaign (and despite rival Johnny Vaughan's thousand-mile-stare ads at the same time) Theakston comfortably sent away all those new listeners, and despatched a further 25,000 odd of his own.


Anonymous said...

oh, just wonderfu. Do I really want to come home?

*weeps for those lovely days of the M&L breakfast show*

ian said...

JK Rowling presenting the chart show? Moyles more popular than anything? The whole country's going to the dogs, I tell ya.

Robin said...

What sort of British Murdoch-hater says "ass" rather than "arse"?

Anonymous said...

Robin Carmody is a clueless ass. Robin Carmody is a clueless arse. Makes no odds either way, really.

kelvin said...

i mean the radio figures are all good fun and it keeps moyles safely up his own rectum but its just a really expoentially widened out thing that ask like ten people if one say they didnt listen to moyles this time his listener ship drops by half a million

and they ask them to write it down and ask them, a couple of months later

or something

simon h b said...

Kelvin... with a problem with the RAJAR methodology... it couldn't be... could it?

But, seriously: I do tend to agree with you; MediaGuardian had a big piece about how the BBC Digital stations have "all dropped" - by 1,000 in 1Xtra's case - but at this sort of level spread across the country, it's not even finger-in-the-airwaves time.

And Robin: I dunno, I just think there are times when "ass" is so much funnier than "arse" - there's no poetry in "snausages up the arse", is there?

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