Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Could we not have done something nice for Hiroshima to mark the 60th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb? Something nicer than a Santana gig, anyway? Apparently, Carlos believed his role there was to "ignite peace" - no, we're not quite sure how one goes about doing that:

"It is an honor to be here and to be of service with our music," Santana told the "Emissaries for Peace" concert crowd of about 2,000. "We want to give birth to a world with peace in our lifetime."

It's not thought he did a cover of OMD's Enola Gay.


Arvin Hill said...

Well, aren't you the hipster.

Bitch about not doing something "nice" and then ridicule a person who attempted to do just that.

Nice smarm factor, asshole.

simon h b said...

"Nice smarm factor, asshole" doesn't hurt me, but... oh, being called a hipster...

I've been enjoying watching the word 'hipster' gather extra layers of invective over the last couple of years; it's almost as amusing as the assumption that anyone who objects to anything is doing it in order to try and appear trendy - because, you know, people don't actually have opinions any more, do they? Just jostling for position.

Anyway... shall I just boil down what I was saying a little more for you?

Sending Carlos Santana and his tiresome music to try and somehow mark the immolation of 140,000 people and the subsequent long, slow, painful deaths of thousands of others is pretty much a major misjudgement. There are some anniversaries that are best not being marked with pop concerts.

Arvin Hill said...

Artists tend to respond to events in the way they know how. In that regard, they're not unlike critics.

"people don't actually have opinions any more, do they? Just jostling for position."

Who says having opinions and jostling for position are mutually exclusive? (rhetorical question)

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