Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Yep, apparently Sinead O'Connor's karaoke Marley-Tosh covers collection isn't a reggae album. Not only in the same way that UB40 albums aren't really reggae, but because it's actually her Rasta album. Apparently, Sinead - who, the last we heard was a Catholic Priest - is actually a Rastafarian:

"It is my way of expressing gratitude to the Rasta people, because I am one of those human beings who would not be alive today if it was not for the teachings of Rastafari."

Well, say what you like about Sinead, but she certainly makes her way through the major world religions, doesn't she?

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Kevin said...

I haven't heard Sinead's new album yet, but I know the musicians and songs. People whose reggae acumen I respect are giving props to her for this album. I'll check it out. Also, though it's always acceptable to dis UB40 in reggae circles, those who know their stuff know the band played some killer, original political reggae in their early years (late 70's-early 80's). Check the Signing Off album.

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