Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Bono must be feeling a little silly at having gone to court to get back a pair of second hand trousers, as it now turns out that U2 have pocketed £153million quid in ticket sales this year, and he could have quite easily have gone down to Mark One and bought a couple of new pairs.

The Mirror interpret this massive figure as evidence that U2 are the "world's most popular tour band", although it's equally possible to see it as a sign that U2 are happy to offer tickets for sale at the most over-inflated prices in the world. (It works out as an average gross of £1.7 million per gig.)

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Evan M. Thomas said...

I don't think that U2 gives as much of a percentage of their wealth as other bands. If you look at small indie bands like Slib, they donated the profits ( ten dollars) from their first and only gig - at Kate's Roller Rinq.

While I realize that U2 gives a lot more money to chartiy, they aren't living up to the standards of the world music community.

Since U2 is a much larger band, surely it can give a higher percentage of it's wealth than Slib.

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