Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Is Foxy Brown going deaf? Last week, her lawyer blurted out that she was pretty much deaf on the courthouse steps. (She'd been up on an assault charge.) This week - presumably after she'd read about it - Brown has sacked Joseph Tacopina. President of Hip Hop Summit Action Network Benjamin Chavis issued a statement about the affair:

"(Tacopina was fired) for giving improper and inappropriate statements to the press about her medical condition when she had requested of him not to make any statements to the press about anything other than her legal case."

"She felt the attorney went too far, and therefore he was dismissed on the spot. She heard him say things she had not authorised him to say about her health."

See? She heard. Nothing wrong with her ears, then. Although we're a bit confused as to why she'd be so upset with the claim if it was wrong, or indeed why a lawyer would suddenly get it into his head that his client was deaf as a post.

[Thanks to DJ Walker-Morgan for the tip]

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Eyetie said...

Obviously the only statement Tony Sciapino was authorised to make was "Just because my client is a rapper, it doesn't mean she's guilty, " before he made the jury an offer they couldn't refuse.

PS Shouldn't the headline be Deaf Jam? I'll get my coat.

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