Monday, December 12, 2005


Sound difficulties turned to audience frustration; frustration found expression in a hail of bottles; and hit by bottles, Ian Brown walked out of his own gig. This all happened in Belfast at the start of the weekend; Brown has rushed out a statement blaming the "disgraceful" actions of the crowd:

"no artist should have to put up with actions like this."

Throwing stuff about is never the answer. After all, if Brown had a beef with, ooh, let's say a record label, he wouldn't march down and thrown cans of paint around, would he? You would hope Brown's fans would show the same sort of patience that Brown would if, to pull a random example from nowhere, he got a little upset on a plane, he wouldn't throw insults and fists and try to break into the cockpit, would he?

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karl said...

What makes it all the odder is the fact that apparently "anyone who has a go" in this sort of manner is "a folk hero in Manchester" according to, er, a Mr I Brown.

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