Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Apparently tiring of his image as being a pool of lovely little sensitivity - an image reinforced every thirteen seconds when You're Beautiful is played on another radio station or TV music channel - James Blunt is fighting back. Blunt, played by Gareth Keenan from The Office, was in the army, you know. He's not sensitive, he's tough:

"I may be able to write emotional songs in the privacy of my own environment, but I'm not going to start crying out of the blue."

The singer, who had a smash hit with the moving ballad You're Beautiful, also hit back at claims he was too soft to have coped with military service, saying: "Just because I had a guitar with me in Kosovo doesn't mean I'm overly sensitive.

"In fact, most people would say I'm not very sensitive."

"I can kill a bloke with piano wire, I can" he claimed, before offering to fight anyone for a quid.

Seriously, if Blunt had any degree of poetry in his soul, he wouldn't used a phrase like "in the privacy of my own environment" or a cliche like "crying out of the blue" - and if he was sensitive, why would he have been able to stand inflicting so much misery on us all with that bloody song?


karl said...

James Blunt took his guitar with him to Kosovo? You'd think the poor blighters had suffered enough, wouldn't you?

Eyetie said...

Whether it was ousting a dictator, quelling a riot or just extracting information from someone on a daypass from Guatanamo Bay (via Heathrow, allegedly), NATO probably thought it was cheaper to use James than a whole stereo system.

"Give up now or you get the extended version of 'Beautiful'. Again. And again."

dr entropy said...

Is it just me, or is this song about him stalking some poor girl he saw on the tube and is convinced he therefore "shared a moment" with, despite her being attached to another bloke. How is this lovely and sensitive, as opposed to, say, bonkers?

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