Monday, December 12, 2005


Karl rightly emails us to point out we slipped up last week, missing out totally on the startling news that Courtney Love has solved her financial problems. And how has she done this? By selling a quarter of her share of Nirvana to Martha Stewart.

Yes, that Martha Stewart. The woman who - when she's not sucking up to big financiers and dabbling in insided trading designed to steal money from smaller investers and pension funds - tells America how to wrap up almonds up properly and where to put the soup spoon now owns a large chunk of Kurt Cobain's songbook.

Do you see, now, Kurt, why killing yourself isn't a smart move? How it's the ultimate loss of control? How it does your legacy no good at all?

Martha apparently wants the songs as an "investment" - and we know how Martha can't resist a meaty investment, even if it lands her with a criminal record and a spell inside, so it's unlikely she'll do anything to the songs themselves. Although we've just looked at an official lyrics site, and we're not sure we remember this song going like this:

Polly wants a cracker/
Maybe I should fold her a napkin first/
And perhaps let her try some of these delightful marzipan cookies I've baked


Spastic_Dancer said...

The Mirror lies right? Please, please, please someone assure me that the Mirror lies!??!
I can't believe that dave and chris would let her sell her share and what the hell would she be thinking!?!
No, the Mirror lies. :s

simon h b said...

Well, the Mirror has been known to get things wrong from time to time (it's daily sister paper ran the whole photos-of-troops-pissing-on-Iraqis which turned out to have been done in a truck in Preston), and there doesn't seem to be any other reports of this strange union...

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