Friday, December 16, 2005


You wonder what really goes on in the head of Guy Ritchie - not to the extent, good god, where you'd want him to make a film to show you, of course. But even so: to ask the Kaiser Chiefs once if they'd like you to make their videos and being rebuffed is one thing; to then return and ask them again (or "beg", as we call it).

Apparently, he wanted to branch out into doing pop videos because he likes to have his business fingers in a lot of pies - although since he's not done anything remotely successful since the turn of the century, there's really only one thing he needs to keep his finger in if he wants to go on eating.


Claire said...

Ba dum tish.

cheesemeister said...

I wondered what was going on in Guy Ritchie's mind when he married Madonna. Then I meditated for a moment and it all came clear to me with this mystic sign:

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