Saturday, December 17, 2005


How tempting is it, when somebody asks you for a line of a foreign language they can slip into conversation, to give them something rude or embarrassing? Of course, you never would, because everyone checks and finds out what they're saying before they use it, right? Simply because they know that temptation for mischief is there.

It seems not everyone - perhaps Mariah's word-checking flunky was off when her mate told her to drop the phrase "Ce repas etait si excitant que je me suis fait dessus" at fancy restaurants. However it happened, Mariah has been telling waiters across the city that was such a thrilling meal, I've pissed myself.

We don't know if you've bought a gift for Mariah yet, but...

maybe a guide to conversational French?


cheesemeister said...

Maybe Mariah needs that poor woman who was holding her drink so Mariah could sip it without getting her hands cold (or whatever lame reason she may have had for making her assistant hold her drink while she sipped it) to change her Depends too.

Eyetie said...

The Incontinence Of Mimi.

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