Thursday, December 15, 2005


Quite why we should worry about chipping in a few quid to pay for the policing at Elton John's wedding, when the Thames Valley Force already siphons off cash to ensure that very few gatecrashers dressed as Bin Laden ever make it more than a few feet from members of the Royal Family we don't know, but apparently "the organisers" of the wedding are going to foot the bill anyway.

Does this mean - as Elton's going to be paying their wages - in effect, he'll be their employer for the day? That would give a man a lot of power, wouldn't it?


karl said...

I have to say that I'm a little grumpy that the right to a civil partnership hasn't been extended to us breeders, but it would take a heart of stone not to congratulate Elton John on his upcoming not-marriage.
There should be some sarcasm in this post, but there isn't. I will never forgive him for the teeth grindingly bad re-working of candle in the wind, but he's made some cracking pop songs over the years.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'd better lie down. I'm not feeling too good.

eyetie said...

Get well soon, karl!

I think vengeance (with a letter V) should be wrought onto Elton John for his "Candle In The Wind" travesty. I suggest that he's forced to not only use his real name in the marriage ceremony and that his partner is henceforth known as David Dwight. Afterthoughts include having them spend their honeymoon in Pinner, Harrow (where Reg was born) and get the White Stripes to do the song for the First Dance ("fell in love with a clotheshorse").

Bah, humbug and (aside from all that jesting) all the best to Our Reg, may his sponsorships and duets multiply.

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