Thursday, December 15, 2005


New Order are set to revive Joy Division, sort of, by re-recording and writing some stuff to soundtrack the Anton Corbijn Ian Curtis biopic Control. Peter Hook tells the NME:

"We were asked to do the soundtrack to the film which I thought was a fucking great idea, for Joy Division to do the music for a Joy Division film because we've never really done a soundtrack before. The soundtrack could include new stuff. Basically Anton wants to use certain songs by Joy Division so that each song becomes a video. Like the way the 'Atmosphere' video was filmed, he wants to write videos that appear in the film.

"Every time we get accolades for Joy Division it makes [Ian's suicide] sadder, especially with the film. Working on the film has made the whole thing seem more poignant."

We're keeping our fingers crossed that it's as good an idea as Hook thinks it is, and not as bad as it sounds to us.


karl said...

Much as I love New Order and Joy Division (heck, I've even bought some of Peter Hook's solo stuff), this sounds a really bad idea. And why would a biopic of a guy who died 25 years ago require new material?
I'm looking forward to the bit where they cover the writing of Atmosphere

scene: a draughty cottage in Derbyshire. Ian is huched over a desk, writing by candlelight. Camera moves of Ian's shoulder and focuses on the paper, where we read Oh what an Atmosphere/I love a party with a happy Atmosphere...

Eric2 said...

Any chance of getting Morrissey for this reunion? No, didn't think so.

karl said...

Joy Division are more likely to reform than The Smiths are.

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