Thursday, December 15, 2005


Somehow, Rachel Stevens seems to have turned into pop's Charles Kennedy - she's hanging on to her job, but it's a daily struggle, and even people who think she's doing a good job seem to want to push her over, just to see what noise she might make.

Students - apparently confused as to whether she's an ironic, camp figure yet or not - chased her from the stage with boos and catcalls when she played their ball at Portsmouth University:

"We'd paid £27.50 each to get tickets, which is quite a lot when you're a student.

"Rachel only mimed songs she's released as singles and then the rumour got out that she'd been paid £6,000 for the evening - so no one was very happy with her".

Hmm... but surely the £27.50 covered the cost of the ball as a whole; it's not like you'd paid that just to see Rachel (ironically, if they had, they'd probably not have booed at all, as that mentality of "I've paid a fortune for this, so of course it's good" would have set in.)

It seems Rachel has now been shifted permanently to target on the pop pages of the nationals - which is wrong, of course, as she's one of the few pop stars we've got left who can actually carry a tune. If the tabs force her out of pop, the vision of the future they offer instead is Sharon Osbourne, sitting on our face, forever.

We can't let that happen. Shouldn't Popjustice be organising a campaign or an airlift or something?


Anonymous said...

"Rachel only mimed trackes she's released as singles". So what, they wanted b sides and rarities?

dr entropy said...

Well, maybe they wanted her to sing, which is a bit silly as I thought she mostly sold records on the basis of cavorting about in her scanties. Maybe she had too many clothes on at the ball.

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