Thursday, December 15, 2005


Despite having fired her attorney for saying as much last week, Foxy Brown has confirmed that she's suffering from near-total hearing loss:

Foxy Brown, 26, told reporters today (Dec. 15) she is "strong, resilient and fortunate" and is focused on the "necessary surgery" to restore her hearing.

Brown, whose real name is Inga Marchand, was diagnosed with "sudden and severe hearing loss" in May. Since that time, she has "spent many confusing, agonizing nights crying in isolation and sorrow."

Admitting hearing loss is a tricky thing for musicians - nobody much ever wants to admit to a physical failing if they can possibly avoid doing it, but when your career is based on the quality of your sonic perception, it's very hard indeed - which accounts for Foxy's outburst earlier this week, we guess. Hearing can be restored in some cases, but it depends on what's caused it.

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eyetie said...

And there I was thinking she was going to announce (with backing band) "I can hear clearly now the lawyer's gone. I can fire all obstacles in my way."

Being deaf is no bad thing if Beethoven, Pete Townshend, Brian Wilson and whoever signed Jamie Callum is anything to go by.

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