Tuesday, December 13, 2005


How does Seal keep himself in shape? With a plane and a chisel, perhaps? Or body-shaping tights of some sort? No, apparently, he has a rule: he never eats after 2pm.

Probably because that's the time the all you can eat buffet at his local Pizza Hut finishes.


karl said...

Be very careful what you say about Seal- he clearly has magical powers. How else do you explain the marriage to Heidi Klum? I'd hate for you to have to give up blogging because of a nasty case of BeingTurnedIntoAFrogism.

simon h b said...

Seal clearly does have magical powers - he made his promising career disappear, and yet still floats above us with no visible means of support

karl said...

True, but at least you have to admire his self-honesty; "Oh dear, my first couple of singles were sizzling pop gems, but the last ones honked to high heaven. Maybe I'd better knock this pop star lark on the head."

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