Tuesday, December 13, 2005


The BBC is reporting that Stanley 'Tookie' Williams, the gang-leader turned Nobel Peace nominee, has been executed in California. Despite (perhaps because of) a campaign featuring the likes of Snoop Dogg, California's comedy governor Arnold Schwarzenegger refused pleas for clemency and allowed his State to kill Williams.

Williams, a founder of the Crips street gang, was convicted of four murders he committed in 1979 - in one case, he shot three members of the same family at a Los Angeles motel.


Anonymous said...

The argument is that Tookie failed to show remorse for a particularly crime that he refused to admit he did.

However, surely his whole existance for the past two decades has been one of actions, not merely words? Speaking out against gang life and writing books on the subject. This is a man who managed to arrange a ceasefire in the gang war between the bloods and the crips. This is a man who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize several times. This is the man who has been murdered by the state.

Goerge W Bush can break the law and show remorse and become president and start a war. Tookie refused to admit to a crime, but totally reformed his ways and actively campaigned for peace and the good of humanity. He is the victim of state-endorsed murder.

Thanks Arnie, politically under pressure after making appointments that republicans didn't approve of, a man is sacrificed for your political ends. Ta.

I love humanity

Mark said...

Jessie Jackson comparing the Governor to Pontius Pilate? Following that scene we would find that "Tookie" represents Barabbas. In that wonderful scene we find the people wanted the vile over the one who was innocent.

Since we are drawing Biblical illustrations. What has changed over the past 2,000 years? Not much except that the names have changed. People are still willing to choose the vilest person over the innocent.

"It is not good to be partial to the wicked or to deprive the innocent of justice. Prov. 18:5"

Even Paul (and Jessie should know this) was not afraid to die if he did something deserving death. Yet "Tookie" wanted it both ways on the issue so he could manipulate the people and his situation. Michelle Malkin's "The Tookie Files" got it right when she quoted an excerpt from the LA Times:

"Tookie wanted to have it both ways — he wanted to maintain his actual innocence claim so that he would have something to argue in the courts, but he still wanted to claim that he had been redeemed," Levenson said. "In the end, he lost on both fronts."

Unlike Pilate who 'washed his hands' and was unwilling to release Jesus even though he believed he was innocent, Arnold wasn't a girlie man and stuck to his belief (based on the evidence) that 'Tookie' was deserving to die. I agree with Outside the Beltway that he is responsible for many crimes as the founder of the Crips. If he and other leaders (such as Jessie) would spend have their energy speaking out against the crime within their own culture then we would have less concerns about 'discriminatory' death penalty cases. And we might see less people like Wolf Blitzer defending such men. Though cited for his anti-gang work in prison you still have to wonder why he never apologized for the four brutal murders. Nice example for fellow gang-bangers following his steps

mitya said...

Without coming down on one side or the other on death penalty, I have to say that while "deeds not words" is a good rule, I have a difficult time with "I didn't do it but anyway I've reformed."

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