Tuesday, December 13, 2005


As if having those drug charges hanging over him wasn't bad enough, it's starting to look a lot like Boy George is going to signal the final withdrawal from dignity as he prepares to go on "celebrity" Big Brother. It looks like the January run is trying to start theming with some pairs - two people currently at the centre of US legal action, as Anna Nicole "ruined Live 8 for everyone" Smith is supposed to there; two Merseyside commedians (Jimmy Tarbuck and Johnny Vegas); two TV fakes - Derek Acorah from "Ooh, it's a ghost" and pretend doctor Gillian McKeith (yes, we know she's got some sort of doctoral certificate, but we sent off for a Trebor Double Agents detective kit; that didn't give us any powers of arrest). And there's two "who's that, then?" - a surprise, and one of Three Non Blondes off BBC THREE.


Alan Connor said...

we sent off for a Trebor Double Agents detective kit; that didn't give us any powers of arrest

...you say that. I loved my detective kit so much, I wrote to Trebor with more suggestions for great spying tips, and ISTR getting a letter saying that I was now a Super Secret Agent, or something. So maybe I had extra powers. And maybe "Doctor" Freddie Vincent^H^H^H Gillian McKeith does too.

simon h b said...

You realise, Alan, your extra spying tips were responsible for Trebor abandoning the sweet industry and reformating themselves as an executive agency of the Department of Homeland Security?

Alan Connor said...

I'm sure I have absolutely no idea which project you're talking about.

simon h b said...

You realise that is just the sort of non-denying deniability that fuels our giant conspiracy machine?

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