Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Of course, "Westlife don't write their own songs" isn't very much of a shocker anyway, is it? But it looks as if the credited writer of You Raise Me Up didn't write it, either, as a pair of Finns from Sweden claim they did; they gave it to a bloke to enter into Eurovision and then heard no more about it until it turned up being sung by Josh Groban.

Tommi and Karri Rinne are now suggesting that, since they wrote it, it might be nice if they saw some of the cash.

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Cob said...

...but surely Danny Boy is traditional?

I'd be ashamed of writing something as derivative of a blatantly cynical hybrid of the above and syrup of Wind Beneath My Wings.

The fact that people can't see that dull rip off for what it is is only indicative of our sorry excuse for popular culture.

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