Friday, December 16, 2005


Who knew that Mark Owen could upset people? Someone - they don't seem to have left a name - has branded pretty little Mark a "heinous sicko" after he poked fun at Ian Curtis during a gig.

He ran through a cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart and then - shocka - pretended he'd hung himself. And to make matters worse, he even wore a tight shirt:

One fan said: "It seemed sick. It was heinous. He was even dressed like Ian Curtis with his tight shirt."

Isn't it time there was some sort of law protecting our cherished indie idols from jokey pastiche? If we don't crack down now, it'll end with people using Morrissey as a cuss-word and refusing to worship John Lydon as a god.

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jona said...

That's great. I find the likes of the Rakes' frontman's 'jerky-dance' routine much more heinous and sick.

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