Saturday, September 23, 2006

Letting Timbo down gently

There's nothing noble in a white lie, for if you believe the person you're fibbing to is so fragile as to need protection from the truth, imagine the hurt when they find out you've lied.

I expect Justin Timberlake is crying his little burger-hued face off this evening, as he discovers that Chris Martin lied to get out of working with him.

Martin told Timberlake he couldn't sing with him, as he only sings on his own records. But that just isn't true, of course, because he's brought his trademark dirging to an unreleased collaboration with Nelly Furtado and another with Jay-Z.

Next time he meets Timbo he's going to make it worse by attempting to construct another lie to get out of it: "Nah... what I meant was I only record songs for my records, unless they're not going to be released or something... no, I mean, if they're songs I've written. Or helped a bit with. No... no, I thought you were joking. I mean, I was joking. Yes... joking..."

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Iain said...

The Streets and Nelly Furtado ones both got dropped from the record so there would be some truth in it... if it wasn't for the Faultline songs he's on. And the Ash B-side. And the Ron Sexsmith song.

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