Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Eminem: I did date Mariah, I did, I did, I did

As if anyone even remembered it had supposedly happened in the first place, Eminem has decided to pipe up and remind us that he'd dated Mariah Carey. Supposedly:

"Yes, me and Maria did have a relationship for about a good six or seven months. But it didn't work.

"I wasn't really into what she was into - our personalities collided. She's a diva and I'm a little more regular I guess.

"I can never deny her talent but the fact that she denied we ever had something, that's bad."

He doesn't elaborate on what Mariah's talent might be - clearly nothing she does in public, anyway.

Mariah's recollection of the affair was somewhat different:

She responded by claiming she was only with him on a few occasions and 'I don't consider that dating somebody'.

That strikes us as being like those boys who give each other blowjobs in the changing rooms but don't consider that actually gay.

We wonder where, for Mariah, the dating begins - presumably you're not going steady until you've had her throw the good crockery at you.

We can't figure out why Eminem - having got away with it - would suddenly want us to start thinking about his lack of judgement again. It's like Mark Foley popping up on Sixty Minutes and blurting out "do you want to see some pictures of those pages, then? I've got some shirt-off ones here..."


Anonymous said...

If you want to quote someone, dont change their words, Mariah was actually quoted as saying "I hung out with him, I spoke to him on the phone. I think I was probably with him a total of four times. And I don't consider that dating somebody." ... which btw, 4 times is not "dating"

simon h b said...

Aha, yes. I see what I've done. I've somehow changed her words by, erm, quoting someone else saying exactly the same thing as she apparently said.

Oh, we devious bloggers.

And if you arrange to hang out with someone four times, and you don't want it to be considered dating, you probably should make sure the other person knows that's what the deal is. Don't you think?

[This response has been written in part by Dear Abby]

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