Tuesday, November 07, 2006

He bundled me with compo

A nice day's work for Thomas Dolby. When the husband of the more famous Britney Spears stuck up a track on MySpace featuring uncleared Dolby samples, Tom sent Kevin Chorusline a swift solicitor's letter.

Settlements have been reached, and it seems Britney ("Kevin") has been generous with Britney's ("Britney's") money:

"I'm going to buy a new sailboat, find a quiet anchorage somewhere, make myself a cup of tea and write some brand new songs."

Of course, by inadvertently funding new Dolby stuff, Kevin has finally done something decent for music lovers.


Mikey said...

And K-Fed gets the push within hours. Was the 'Dolby Incident' the final straw? Who knew Britters was a secret Fallout Club fan?

simon h b said...

I suspect it's less a love of Dolby, more that as she wrote the cheque, the giant totaliser of "Your marriage to the dancer has now cost you $$$$" went past the five million mark...

Mikey said...

Veritably, K-Fed is the larry Fortensky de nos jours

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