Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jacko plans WMA comeback

He's not done a public performance since the dancing-on-the-roof outside the courthouse business, but Michael Jackson is going to be taking time out from putting the finishing touches to his 9/11 benefit single to appear at the World Music Awards.

Yes, apparently they exist - I had thought they were just something you thought you saw if you happened to be watching ITV at 3am. They've decided to give Michael something called the "Choppard Diamond Award", and apparently he's going to say thank you the only way he still can:

Last night a spokesman for the awards told [Victoria Newton]: “Jackson has definitely told organisers he will be performing. His dancers have already started rehearsals.

“He will close the show with Thriller, a complete recreation of the video.”

That's the one where the scary, decaying corpses come back and do some shuffling while bits of their body drop off, if memory serves. Well, that shouldn't be too much of a challenge, then.

Seriously, though, the Thriller video took about sixty years and seventy-nine billion dollars (at 2006 prices) to make, and it lasts for something like a quarter of an hour. A complete recreation looks both impossible and ill-advised, although we should be thanking our lucky stars he's chosen something from his last decent record.

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...ugh. suddenly, QuizMania seems like quite an appealing prospect!

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