Sunday, November 05, 2006

Nine million bi-cycles

We're always happy to hear that Katie Melua is in a relationship, as the more time she spends dancing hand-in-hand through fields of flowers, the less she's going to have to make Ragu-style music.

She's apparently seeing photographer Lara Bloom, who claims to have been the first person to break the story that Madonna was going to give birth to Rocco.

There's a source on hand:

"It's true that Katie and Lara are very close.

"Katie's very upfront and frank about herself and is completely comfortable about it, even though she's dated men in the past.

"She thinks of Lara very fondly and it's obvious they're supportive and loving toward one another—it's very sweet.

"One thing's for sure, people who thought Katie Melua was boring have got something to talk about now."

Erm... not really. We thought she was a dull heterosexual. Now, she's a dull bisexual. Same sex kissing doesn't actually make you any more interesting as a character (despite what EastEnders scriptwriters might have you believe).

Next week: Jamie Cullum will experiment with trying to be a lesbian.


Ade said...

Guess what will be no.1 on next week's Top Ten most popular XRRF stories...

simon h b said...

What's amusing, of course, is a bit I didn't quote in the Ananova story which drives the "Is KT Tunstall gay" story included this bit:

"There's always a gay crowd up the front at my gigs. It's a huge compliment. No one thinks Katie Melua is gay."

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