Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Your chance to be part of Westlife

Yes, we know - it's the sort of offer that it's very hard to not get excited by, unless you have some sort of respect and hope. If you visit the Westlife website, and type in your name, you can see your name appear a few times in one of their videos.

It's a bit like You Are The Star from Roy of the Rovers, where you had to go through a comic strip writing your name in the gaps (and, if you were really dedicated, stick a photo at the top of the strip). That was a bit of a dry experience, but at least it didn't come with a bloody Westlife soundtrack.

The "technology" means that your name pops up a whole four times. And just as text - it's not like Kian screeches "Your Name Here, stop pouring custard in my trousers" or anything.

The good news? There's no profanity filter when you're invited to input your name.

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I was invited...

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