Thursday, January 25, 2007


About a year ago, the music industry started toasting a whole new model - advertising supported free legal downloads. The figurehead for this brave new world was SpiralFrog. Soon, it was predicted, we'd all be filling our mp3 players with SpiralFrogged tunes.

It's been a bit quiet since then, although not so quiet at the SpiralFrog offices: CEO Robin Kent was kicked out over the holidays; three other directors marched out in protest.

The proposed launch late late year obviously didn't happen, but now there are vague mutterings of a launch sometime next month. Our chief metaphorist here at No Rock likened the process to "slowly dismembering a frog's business plan while it's standing in a pot of water where the temperature is gently being raised, or something."

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This isn't, of course, the most recent post to No Rock, but our atom feed has got itself stuck...

You can check for the latest at

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