Thursday, January 18, 2007

Madonna insists "it's kosher" again

If you'd kind-of, sort-of adopted a child from a different background, and he had a lot of angry, tantrum-style outbursts, you might think one of two things. You might think "this child is having trouble adjusting; it is going to take love, understanding and patience to work through this period."

Or, you might just give him a disparaging nickname and think this will make a wonderful anecdote for the Letterman show.

Yes, Madonna is back on the chat show circuit (friends who've adopted have spoken of the constant round of interviews; I didn't realise this was what they meant) and still claiming that everything was perfectly normal about the adoption:

The singer didn't shy away from the controversy over David's adoption either, telling the TV host: "Everything was kosher in terms of legal."

Madonna added: "My social worker said: 'Good luck. You're going to be making it up as you go along.'"

And making it up as she goes along she certainly has been. We think this now means that she's claimed her adoption followed Malawian law more often than she's claimed there were no laws, although she's still yet to explain how the taking of the child fitted with, say, Articles 24 and 25 of the African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child, to which Malawi is a signatory.

It's also interesting that, while not shying away from the controversy, she neglected to engage with the story that she was funding the career development of a civil servant from the government agency which dealt with the adoption and, according to the department, had offered to do the same for others.

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karlt said...

Good luck. You're going to be making it up as you go along

Er, making what up, exactly? Parenthood? I thought that what all parents had to do?

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