Friday, March 23, 2007

Put another dime in the Baywatch baby

Some confusion over at The Sun, where Gary O'Shea seems to think that having a relationship is a bad thing that a person might be accused of:

SEXY CARMEN ELECTRA has been accused of sharing a lesbian love affair with rocker JOAN JETT.

O'Shea fails to explain exactly who is making this "accusation" - or, indeed, why it's an accusation at all. Apparently a "source" says it saw Electra and Jett "kissing and touching", and it's possible the pair might go together to the Dinah Shaw weekend.

Got anything else, Gary?
Joan has refused to discuss her sexuality. But her A.C.D.C. track contains the lyric: “She got some other lover as well as me.”

We love the idea that O'Shea was combing the lyrics of a song called AC/DC to see if they might contain a hint of bisexuality. (Hint, Gary: the name of the song.)

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Anonymous said...

This article made me snort out loud. It was embarrassing.

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