Saturday, May 19, 2007

Killers flee Colorado

Poor value for money from The Killers at their Red Rocks show: They managed one and a half shows before Brandon Flower's voice gave out.

They're going to try again in September, but even so, the haul out to Red Rocks isn't a simple one and the fans aren't happy, reports the Rocky Mountain News. The paper has been on the internets:

"I seriously can't believe he walked out on a sold out crowd at Red Rocks. He should have been honored to see all those people singing his lyrics!" one fan posted.

Another took umbrage with the fact the band was still scheduled to play in Los Angeles on Friday: "Wow so you guys are playing (Friday night)? What a miraculous recovery. Ya know, there's nothing like showing your fans you don't really give a (expletive) about them."

The paper also says the audience has "sat through Hot Hot Heat", suggesting this was the injury to which insult had been added.


Anonymous said...

What's so bad about Hot Hot Heat?

Apart form their lead singer having a bigger 'fro than Phil Spector...

Anonymous said...

If anything Steve's hair ADDS to their amazingness.

Anonymous said...

i didnt get to go to any of the shows because they were sold out but i dont think it was that bad that he left. yeah that had to have sucked waiting all day but at least he came back and also added another show in colorado

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