Friday, July 27, 2007

Apparently, the Police are a "new band"

You might think the Police are currently in the middle of a midlife reunion tour.

Oh no, says Andy Summers:

"It just all sounds non-creative to me," Summers said. "The kind of chemistry in our band, there's no reunion. It's like, 'OK, we're back together, how do we make this work on all levels?'

"In a sense, it feels more like a new band. It doesn't feel like some old band and we're just going to kind of try to remember the way the old songs went and do them just like that. That wasn't the spirit that made The Police what it was."

Ah. Yes, people are forking out for tickets on the basis this is a bunch of middle-aged guys just jamming together, and not because it's a reunion of The Police. Oddly, though, tickets are priced as if it was a reunion of The Police. Funny that.

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Emalyse said...

Hmmm- If that were the case then they should have called themselves 'The Police II' or something lame ala a tribute band (featuring the original members!). Or is Andy just saying it's been so long since they were last together that he doesn't remember what it was like anyway so this is a new experience altogether? (no I lost myself on that one)If it is a new band then new material please.

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