Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Coldplay start work runing second country

The next Coldplay album is, we're promised, going to have a 'Hispanic theme'. Or, rather, the band have decamped to Barcelona to do some recording. We can't say for certain, but we bet if Ryanair had already been flying those new routes to Poland, we'd be in for an 'Eastern European theme' to the album.

Of course, we all know they're going to sound no more Hispanic than a Newcastle builder who's retired to the Costa Del Sol to run a union-jack bedecked bar called Blighty's. And they know it, too, really:

“We’ve been travelling light on acoustic guitar, a couple of mics, a laptop and some headphones. We’re recording in Barcelona – moving from church to church, setting up where we can: in front of the altar, under the pulpit. We’ve been playing at the feet of archangels.”

The congregations must really love that. Naturally, they'll take the stuff back to the studio and stick a bloody great production job over the top of it.
[The band added they would use no] "maracas or castanets, but a vibrancy of colourfulness that owes much to the atmosphere of Buenos Aires and Barcelona. The affect is subtle but important.”

Because, of course, Buenos Aires and Barcelona are virtually the same place, aren't they?

Any bets that by the time the strings have been added and the video shot, the one remaining piece of this "subtle but important" influence will be the line "track 9 recorded in Barcelona" in small print on the CD inlay card?


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Spanish flamenco act Los Gatitos have announced that their next album will have more of a jazz feel. They're currently recording it in Grimsby, because "they speak the same language there as they do in New Orleans", but are eager to let their fans know that "it doesn't have any electric guitar solos or rapping like you often hear in English language music".

Anonymous said...

I read this morning that there have been huge power cuts in Barcelona over the last couple of days because of damage to a single line and now I hear that Coldplay are recording there. This can mean only one thing. People! If we find this line, we can save the world!

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