Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gordon left floundering by the subs' bench

James alludes to this in the comments, and thanks also to Barry S who emailed us the link to Football365's Mediawatch column:

Mediawatch would like to make a couple of suggestions to The Sun's 'Bizarre' columnist Gordon Smart.

1) Please crawl back into the vile, putrid gutter from whence you came and never darken our door again, but before that, 2) Do a spot of research.

From today's 'column':

'TODAY is C-Day for love rat ASHLEY COLE.

'The cheating Chelsea star will come face to face with wife CHERYL tonight for showdown talks on their crumbling marriage.'

That might come as something of a surprise to Cashley himself, as he is currently with the rest of the Chelsea squad in Greece, preparing for their Champions League game with Olympiakos tonight.

But hey, they put 'TODAY' in capitals, so it must be true.

Tomorrow, it will still be in capitals, but with underlining.


Anonymous said...

Almost makes you wish for Vicky Newton to come back.


Rachel Summers said...

Anon's brought up a good point (I don't get to type that often enough)--whose reign over Bizarre has been worse so far, Newton's or Smart's? Or is too early to tell?

While pondering that, here's an entertaining tidbit from Wikipedia's stub on Smart:

He was awarded the top job in November 2007, when after 5 years Victoria was promoted to head of entertainment, she had come in for much criticism over her time as editor from her "mistakes" to "downright lies." Gordon, however, is said to be keen to distance himself from Victoria Newton, declaring it was time for "change" at the paper.

simon h b said...

Gordon or Vicky? That's a tough one. I think if I had to choose, Gordon's awfulness has the edge over Victoria's - there's just something about the way he uses his column to share his sexual fantasies with us that leaves me feeling queasy.

I mean, I have no problem with sexual fantasies, or the sharing thereof, but it's time and place, isn't it?

From the paper's point of view, I imagine that Gordon's probably favoured because he's yet to do anything quite as lawyer-scaring as running the lyrics of that Robbie Williams song. Yet.

Rachel Summers said...

I mean, I have no problem with sexual fantasies, or the sharing thereof, but it's time and place, isn't it?

Hrm, another interesting point..is it unnecessarily puritanical of us to tsk at Smart when he gets all "ooooh-er I'd give her a go"? Personally, my problem with it is that it's so obviously (or hopefully?) all talk since he's married and therefore it almost at times seems cynically calculated to appeal to some 'lad' demographic.

I missed the Williams thing, had to look it up just now...deliciously tacky, but I think Smart could top it given time.

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