Sunday, March 30, 2008

Does Rav have a relative inside or something?

Yet another story in Rav Singh's News of the World column about Blake's time in jail - apparently he's been beaten up or something now. Even people who read Rav's stuff are getting fed up with the never-ending stream of contradictory tales, judging by the comments box:

This is really boring news now. It's like the George Best story with constant news of rehab, falling off the wagon, more rehab, more booze/drugs, more rehab.

At least this story has some content in it. This is the second story in Singh's column this morning:
Hollywood rocked by gay star shock

By Rav Singh

AN A-lister star of Hollywood will be outed next week, I can reveal.

This particular actor is known as a bit of a ladies man but in fact, he really has a secret eye for the fellas.

My man in LA told me: "This guy is not married. He's been out with many women but has been seeing men too.

"A US mag is revealing it next week which will send Hollywood into overdrive."

So, Rav has a "source" telling him that, erm, there's going to be something in a magazine next week. Hold the front page!


Olive said...

This is the sort of story you have to take a shower after reading. What purpose is going to be served by outing whoever this is?

M.C. Glammer said...

I bet it's Colin Farrell.

Ahem, terrible behaviour. For shame.

Tim Footman said...

I heard it was Barry Chuckle.

simon h b said...

Tim: Paul Chuckle would be the worst beard ever.

James said...

Even with the strongest willpower in the world, I'm positive that no British man would be able to engage in any sort of sexual encounter with either Chuckle Brother without, at some point in the proceedings, piping up "To you!"

CarsmileSteve said...

james, you are a very very bad man.

"to me"

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