Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Faust attempts to renegotiate

We wonder what, exactly, Kerry Katona thought that her Crazy In Love series was going to be like? When, for example, MTV persuaded her to wear a straitjacket for the promo shoot, did she really imagine she was going to be portrayed like, say, she was Ruth Badger or Delia Smith?

It turns out she's not happy, reckons the Daily Mail:

A source said she is devastated by the criticism she has received for drinking and smoking on the show while pregnant, and is furious with MTV for the way that they have depicted her and husband Mark Croft, according to Star magazine.

The source said: “She is so appalled at how she and Mark have come across that she wants to stop filming, but she knows she can't because of contractual obligations. Whether they'll have a break to sort this out, only time will tell.”

Aha. It's the programme's fault for criticism of her drinking and smoking while pregnant, rather than, perhaps, her own problem?

The one piece of soothing balm for Katona is that nobody's watching the programme anyway, so it's only like she's making a holy show of herself to an empty room.

Hey - you don't suppose this 'source' is leaking a story about how upset Kerry is at being such a circus sideshow to try and get people interested - or at least gawping - do you? Surely not.

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eyetie said...

There is a non-Morrisette irony in the way how Kerry's complaints have garnered more publicity for her aberrant behaviour than her show has.

Next week: "Kerry complains about how her soon-to-be-released sex tape is the act of an ill-mannered ex who failed to capture her best side. She firmly deplores the people who paid £25 to download the video from www.kerry-katona.com/sextape.html."

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