Friday, April 18, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: The Mighty Tosh

We're still trying to work out exactly what the 3AM Girls' coverage of man-goes-to-nightclub story is meant to mean:

Booshman Noel Fielding makes a Mighty effort to let us know how famous he is. The comic not only donned a zany cape but got rock 'n' roll buddy Courtney Love to accompany him to The Groucho and Soho House.

Are they suggesting that Fielding was using Courtney Love as some sort of costume jewelery? And hasn't Fielding worn a cape since... well, probably not to school, but we wouldn't be surprised.

But then the 3AM Girls are desperate to believe:
We've seen him singing. Who can forget Amarillo?

You might find that when you watched Peter Kay in the Amarillo video, you weren't watching a man singing, just opening and closing his mouth.

But it turns out that this isn't a piece about Peter Kay at all:
On closer inspection, it turns out to be K.D. Lang - playing the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia last night.

We're sure the homophobic undertinge was accidental.


Olive said...

Wow. A 'man goes to nightclub' story AND a 'singer plays gig' story. Those 3AM girls are on fire today!

James said...

That's Gossip Gone Toxic ;)

gibbo said...

Oh, come on. You see "homophobia" where there is no such thing, as I have remarked before. kd lang is a butch lesbian who looks like a bloke. She's happy with that, so is her girlfriend. Why get offended on her behalf when someone points it out?

Stop making up slurs, there's enough shit printed to fill your blog.

simon h b said...

Gibbo - I did say it was an undetinge, and that I doubt it was intentional. But "here's a picture of a lesbian - she looks like a ugly fat bloke". And you know there's a world of difference between a New Yorker interview where Lang talks about gender and assumptions, and a small corner of a mass-market tabloid which is more likely to be confirming the prejudices of its readers.

gibbo said...

Simon HB - who says he's ugly? Many women and gay men find him cheekily attractive.

And why does "mass market" necessarily mean stupid, lacking in taste, homophobic? What do you have against the working classes?

Stick to the easy targets, like GitM, because they're funny. When you venture into more esoteric realms you are seriously out of your depth.

Yours with (generally) a liking of your blog (column? what's the difference),


simon h b said...

Gibbo - I think we're going to have to agree to differ on this one. Clearly, you don't think there was anything wrong with it at all; I've now said twice that I think it was just an unconscious thing and not a sign of anyone at the Daily Mirror actively setting out to take the rise out of anyone. I'm clearly not going to convince you - what with being "out of my depth" and all.

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