Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Greed, locks strangle US mobile music market

Another victory for the RIAA: As more and more phones and mobile devices become capable of playing back music, the industry has a chance to make a little money before the iPhone-style model of the proper internet on mobile devices becomes the norm and makes the walled-garden obsolete.

But what are they doing? managing to strangle the market at birth. Only 14% of Americans surveyed by Jupiter research want to buy music on their phones; the rest are put off by high prices and complicated DRM rules.


Duncan said...

hang on - the iPhone *isn't* a walled garden? You can't even download MP3s on it!

Something like the N95 would be a better comparison :)

simon h b said...

Fair point, Duncan, at the moment the phone part is locked down, but the iPod bit you can load anything on to, and the model of full-web-on-phone is the way things are going.

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