Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Lily Allen: Stay-at-home Friends

Lily Allen has been thinking, and come up with a "plausible" reason for Lily Allen and Friends being so dreadful: the, erm, studios.

Apparently, then, it was the studios which made the programme an ill-conceived rag-bag of bits of stuff downloaded off YouTube strung together by awkward interviewees and embarrassed silences. Somehow.

Lily explains:

"The type of audience that loves me will travel to a club in London but won't travel all that way outside of London to a studio."

Pinewood. It's hardly Taunton, is it?

Besides, an audience who loves you, but not enough to take a thirty minute train ride isn't exactly showing the deepest love, is it? "I would do anything for love... but I won't do Denham station."

It's also not clear why the programme being filmed in Pinewood meant the "type of audience that loves" Lily somehow couldn't be persuaded to make the journey to the BBC Three button to watch the programme at home. Perhaps the viewers were all stuck on Chiltern Railways?


Christopher said...

At least she's aware that the only people who love her live in London

simon h b said...

And, I suspect, Christopher, they tend to be clustered more round certain parts like Camden than, say, Bromley.

James said...

I'm confused. Wasn't the audience specially selected from Lily's own list of MySpace friends? Surely she's not now suggesting that this band of chums turned out to be less than enthusiastic when called upon to do something more expressive than click 'Add to Friends'?

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