Thursday, April 03, 2008

Venuewatch: The Point goes to court

One of the UK's premier circuit venues, The Point in Cardiff, is having to go to court to fight a 'keep the noise down' notice that had been issued after neighbours complained.

Of course, when the Point opened, there were no neighbours, but now part of Cardiff's share of the oversupply of posh flats have appeared round the corner. You have to wonder why the venue is being forced to bow to the will of people who moved into flats by a nightclub and then realised it could be noisy. It's precisely the urban equivalent of those idiots who move to the country and complain about the tractors.


Anonymous said...

A similar (although not identical) situation is happening in Northampton. The Soundhaus, which a great venue for small bands, is likely to shut later this year because of flats being built close by. The following link has all the details.

I have seen some great bands at the Soundhaus, and it will be detrimental to the local music scene if it does indeed close. We need to do something to prevent this from happening.

sven945 said...

Someone should arrange a worldwide financial crisis which will cause a massive reduction in ability to buy houses/flats, causing a fall in demand for inner city flats.

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