Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Other types of sunglasses are available

An email alerts us to the nifty deal done by IPC to get the NME picture galleries sponsored by RayBans.

RayBans used to be a cool youth brand twenty years ago, you know; now, they're riding off a fading reputation. Can't see any synergy between them and the NME there.

Still, there's nothing wrong with a bit of clearly-labelled sponsorship, so long as it's kept separate from the editorial and there's no suspicion that plugs are being scattered through the actual business of the paper, eh? The three plugs for the brand are entirely valid.

At least there's a faint stirring of conscience:

And as much as we'd love to hate this kind of corporate stuff, we have to admit that those Ray Bans are pretty darn nice.

... and so long as you get a positive mention of the sponsor in while you try and salve your better nature, it's all okay, yeah?


Anonymous said...

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Olive said...

Bloody hell. Makes the product placement in "I, Robot" look subtle.

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