Saturday, August 23, 2008

1988 Festive Fifty Weekend: 15, 14, 13

15. The Wedding Present - I'm Not Always So Stupid
Twenty years on - more or less - here's Gedge playing the song in a metal box in Derbyshire, July 2008

Buy: Live 1987

14. The Fall - Cab It Up
From the ballet I Am Kurious Oranj - and flagged by YouTube as requiring care for under 18s

Buy: I Am Kurious Oranj

13. Morrissey - Suedehead
Live on Later... With Jools Holland in 1992

Buy: Live In Dallas DVD

[Part of 1988 Festive Fifty Weekend]


Simon said...

Disturbingly, the back of my head is prominently featured in that Weddoes clip.

simon h b said...

I'm wondering if that could be parlayed into a 'spot the head' type contest...

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