Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Bookmarks - Internet stuff: Vampire Weekend and Blink 182

There's a wonderful extract from a Vampire Weekend profile in the New Yorker being shared by For some reason, Vampire Weekend are interviewing Tom DeLonge. He turns up with a camera crew in tow, too - making a "Blinkumenary", he explains. Then he starts to pitch some mashed-up social networking music company he seems to be running:

“I term it an ‘operating system,’” DeLonge said. “You could sell music, you could sell movies, you could sell advance tickets, you could do advertising, you could do automated V.I.P. parties. We’re gonna be putting in live auctions, e-commerce.” He continued, “We’re doing it with the White Stripes.”
DeLonge [...] talked about video blogging: “Do you want to do normal blogs – or do you want to do it in the dark and have lasers going and make it look like you’re from space? And not call it a blog, call it a space cam?”

[Massive thanks to Michael M for spotting this]


Steve Adams said...
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James said...

I thought I might seek business advice from someone who spends their days posting poorly-written spam to blogs. Then maybe have a bath.

No. Bath first. Then spam.

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