Friday, January 08, 2010

Creation: The movie

After the success of a couple of films mining Factory Records' history, it's perhaps inevitable that a Creation film would follow.

And, arguably, the Creation story is even better than the Factory one - even if there's a risk of the finished product being more Oasis and Sony than cramming Legend singles under your bed and Elevation.

The Guardian's excited about it, and already buying into the myth:

When an unsigned Noel Gallagher took the train from Manchester to meet the bosses of Creation records in 1993, he had little idea what to expect.

Really? Despite sharing rehearsal space with one of McGee's mates?

Upside Down - so at least there's going to be some Mary Chain in it - is due out this Spring. Heidi Berry is available for the Original Soundtrack.

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strike said...

Creation movie will be releasing on 22nd January,2010...I m eagerly waiting for this movie..i watch creation movie trailer daily,because i m very excited for the movie

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