Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Emmy The Great big pile of cash

Emmy The Great started asking for pledges towards making the next album. Yesterday.

Today, they're 75% of the way there, so if you want to be one of the angels, you might have to rush.

Amongst the packages you can sign up for is a trip shopping with Emmy in Tower Records, Hong Kong. Who knew they still even had Tower Records in Hong Kong? £500 will buy you a gig in your front room; if you're looking for something more in keeping with The New Austerity, you can simply chip in eight quid and get a download of the album when it's ready.

75% of the way there in less than 24 hours. A pretty swift riposte to those who would tell you that the only acts who can work outside the labels are those who have built a following with label's (i.e. their) money.

[Thanks to @danbutt]


Simon Thornton said...

We made a track with Emmy (it was even a single, with a video and *everything*). She's a bright cookie (as are the people around her).

Glad she's trying something different. Obviously if what we'd done with her had been a massive success she wouldn't need to be, but let's gloss over that for now.

Paul said...

Grammatics are using the same site to fund their final EP, and hit their target pretty quickly too. I guess their targets are a bit more realistic than Public Enemy's.

meccleshall said...

99% now.

A new music industry model you say? That works for non-mega bands...Might just have something here!

good on ya pledgemusic and emmy!

Anonymous said...

Simon, I love the song and video for "Seattle". Emmy is the best <3

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