Saturday, August 06, 2011

Welcome back, Koppelman?

Throwing his hat into the EMI-purchasing ring (or rather, hurling a hat underwritten by Apollo Global Management) is Charles Koppelman, who was - at one time - CEO of EMI.

Bringing together someone from the olden days and private equity? What could possibly go wrong.

There are a surprising number of people interested in the label. You suspect it's not so much the opportunity to release whatever Robbie Williams might turn in a couple of years hence that's the attraction.


Dave Heasman said...

Is he the same Charles Koppelman as this?

Probably is, the dates seem right. His business bio makes no reference to his real music biz chops, you'd think he started work in 1994 (at the age of 54)

simon h b said...

That does appear to be the same bloke - you'd have to wonder why he seems ashamed of knowing the business at such a key level. Most CEOs love to brag about their shopfloor knowledge...

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