Sunday, October 30, 2011

Noel Gallagher comes with ringdings

I know we're not meant to really take Noel Gallagher's forgeyish disdain for modern life seriously, but even so...:

He said: “I just want a basic 1994 Nokia mobile. I can keep it in my back pocket and just do the basics with it – phone and text. What would I need a camera on it for? iPhones are for Cockneys and ****s. And they are far too big.”
How dull must Gallagher's life be if he can't think of any reason he might want to have a pretty good camera in his pocket?

But still, let's take him at his word. He doesn't want an iPhone because they're too big, and all he needs is a 1994 Nokia.

In 1994, Nokia announced the 2110 (it actually started shipping the following year). It weighed 236 grammes, and was 148 x 56 x 25 mm.

The iPhone4s weighs 140 grammes, and is 115 x 59 x 9 mm.

But, hey, if Noel would rather have a phone that does less, and is taller and thicker, and heavier, because it's somehow smaller, that's his choice.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the guy has other reasons for wanting everything to go back to the way it was in 1994.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you shouldn't take the year so literally. Everyone understands what he meant. lol

I doubt Noel put that much though into the year. You did an absurd amount of research for what was a throwaway comment.

simon h b said...

Actually, 2nd anon, it took about twenty-five seconds of research.

But even without a quick Google-dip, he's clearly talking nonsense - the more basic, pre-camera era phones were larger than the phones that he says are too big.

The whole point is that you shouldn't take the year too literally, because he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.

James said...

I can't wait to find out the next target for Noel's fearless cutting-edge no-holds-barred wit. I really hope he does something about those pens they have in banks, and how they never work, and how the chain's too short. It's about time someone took those bastards on.

Peter D said...

white dog poo, you never see it anymore

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